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Sure, it’s been a lousy year. But here are people who are making life better.

Meet some Mainers helping their neighbors—and people on the other side of the world

PORTLAND, Maine — In an article called “Maine Gives Back” in its November issue, “Down East” magazine shines a light on individuals and groups “doing their part to make the Pine Tree State a better place.” The stories, which would be uplifting under any circumstances, are especially touching in a year few of us will look back on fondly.

Consider, for instance, Elizabeth McLellan, the founder of Partners for World Health, a non-profit that collects surplus medical supplies and sends them to poor countries that desperately need them. What started as a personal project in her home now has “800 volunteers, a staff of 10, a box truck, a van, and warehouses in Portland, Bangor, and Presque Isle, plus in Vermont and Massachusetts.” Each month the organization ships out about 20,000 pounds of equipment, everything from ventilators to EKG machines. McLellan, the unpaid president of Partners for World Health, is nothing if not dedicated: she still scrounges used crutches and wheelchairs from the tranfer stations in Camden and Cape Elizabeth.

Editor in chief Brian Kevin joined us on 207 to talked about “Maine Gives Back” and other stories in the issue. Watch our interview with him if you could use a little inspiration.