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Let's talk about it

'Let's talk about it' is a new mental health awareness campaign from NEWS CENTER Maine. We want to help bring light to something that continues to be stigmatized

MAINE, USA — There is a stigma attached to mental health illness. It’s been there a long time.

Consequently, this stigma forces people to feel uncomfortable but, it is healthy to recognize and say how you’re feeling.

Let’s Talk About It is a campaign from NEWS CENTER Maine to help eliminate that stigma.  Let’s Talk About It is designed to normalize the experience of mental health challenges by sharing experiences, relaying knowledge from experts, and of course, talking about it.

We’re listening to personal stories; we’re learning from professionals, and we’re eager to share what we find to help reduce the needless stigma that surrounds mental illness. 

One in four Mainers experience mental illness each year, and yet 60% of those affected do not seek treatment due to shame. Suicide is the second leading cause of death globally (ages 15-29).

Please join us in having open, honest talks about mental illness and educating ourselves in ways we can help our fellow Mainers feel at ease when feeling down and overwhelmed. 

NEWS CENTER Maine strives to make life better for Mainers, so let’s talk about it.


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