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Here's what you should do if you find injured or abandoned wildlife this Spring

This year, Saco River Wildlife Center in Limington has been inundated with wildlife and their babies, here's how you can help.

LIMINGTON, Maine — Saco River Wildlife Center in Limington has been nursing Maine's sick and injured wildlife back to health since 2015.

2021 has been the busiest year to date, with 177 animals received so far.

This time of year, the center is inundated with babies who, most of the time, had been found abandoned. The center's founder, Bethany Brown, says a lot of times they find the mother has either been trapped and re-located or, in some cases was killed. 

"Share your area with wildlife as best as you can," Brown said. "If you can't share the area with them, call someone who is humane, who knows what to do, and knows this time of year is horrible for trapping adults."

If you come across injured or abandoned wildlife this Spring, the center has a few tips.

  • Contact your local area rescue center immediately, don't try to take in the animal as a pet.
  • If you find babies, be on the lookout for Mom, she might just be out looking for food.
  • And, if you must trap or remove an animal, try to be humane about it.

"These animals don't have a voice, and the way that they capture your heart and everything in you, it's hard to describe and put into words." volunteer Karissa Morris said.

The work Brown, Morris, and others will soon take place in a bigger facility. Since NEWS CENTER Maine first visited Saco River Wildlife Center last Fall, it has raised enough money to begin expansion. The center is currently being run out of the founder's basement.

Groundwork is expected as soon as the permitting process finishes up.

To learn more about the organization, click here.

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