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Bursts of color in your garden attract the birds and bees

The mid-summer garden is a busy place when showy pollinators are planted

YARMOUTH, Maine — We stopped by Estabrook's Garden Center in Yarmouth where Tom Estabrook showed us a beautiful array of plants that help attract birds and bees to your garden. This week, he highlighted the following plants:

Garden Phlox, Volcano Phlox

Helianthus or Sunflowers “It’s Sunbelievable”

Scabiosa Butterfly Blue (bees just love this!)

Echinacea (Coneflower)

Lysimachia  (white) Loosestrife (gooseneck loosestrife ... this variety is non-invasive and the hummingbirds like this!)

Sedum Night Embers  - dark foliage all summer, flowers late summer/fall, great for bees and butterflies

Joe Pye Weed, chocolate

Monarda Bee Balm – dwarf variety Balmy Rose

Allium (great for bees)

Cardinal flower –  Starship Deep Rose

Red Hot Poker Plant – hummingbirds love!

Crocosmia Lucifer - bee and hummingbird magnet!