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Sunday Social: comfort dogs for dogs, inversions and falling iguanas

Clay, Jess and Ryan talk about their favorite social media posts from the past week and share some viewer posts, too

PORTLAND, Maine — We've all heard of comfort dogs, but what do you do when a dog is sick and needs some love? It turns out, there's a dog for that, too:

This Instagram post from Country Living magazine shows a pup nuzzling another dog who's not well. The comfort dog belongs to a veterinarian and roams the office offering to snuggle a pet in need.

Jess's post has to do with a beautiful scene at a mountain in Maine:

An inversion was captured on video at Sugarloaf. Ryan says it happens when warm air is above cold air, and the cold air can't rise. The clouds wanted to keep rising, but they couldn't. It was actually warmer at the top of the mountain than it was at the bottom of the mountain. That resulted in a pretty cool site for skiers and snowboarders to see!

Ryan's post has to do with an unexpected type of rain:

It was raining iguanas in Florida earlier this week. The reptiles are cold blooded, so when it gets cold enough they "freeze" and fall out of trees. Then when the sun warms them up, they come back to life. You're going to need a much stronger umbrella to protect yourself from this kind of weather.

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Did you see something interesting online this week? Let us know about it! Email your post to morningreport@newscentermaine.com. We might just feature it in our Sunday Social segment.

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