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Frost watch: Mainers set to turn off air conditioning and turn on heat soon

The first frost of the season is expected in parts of Maine this weekend.
Credit: Jason Nappi

MAINE, USA — The winds of change are here. I'm tracking a strong cold front in eastern Canada that will soon bring the mercury down to the freezing mark for parts of the Pine Tree State.

Credit: Jason Nappi

After a warm Wednesday for most of the state, where temps made a run at 80 degrees, a big change is coming. Mainers can turn off their air conditioners and turn on their heaters to end the work week.

Credit: Jason Nappi

The current weather map features another cold front in eastern Canada with its sights on northern New England Thursday morning. Right now, it's a down-sloping "dry" wind that warms the coastal plain. That means the showers in western and northern Maine will go away once it gets here overnight. 

Credit: Jason Nappi

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Wind gusts on Thursday will range from 25 miles per hour to more than 40 miles per hour from southern Maine to northern Maine. It's a good idea to tie down outdoor furniture and make sure trash cans are secure. 

Credit: Jason Nappi

Once the wind dies down Friday night, temperatures will plummet to ideal frosty conditions under a large dome of high pressure.

Credit: Jason Nappi

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It's a good idea to cover plants and bring pets inside at night. The wind-sheltered valleys will have the best opportunity to get to the freezing mark. 

Credit: Jason Nappi

Are you looking forward to the first frost of the season? Or would you like to hold onto the warmer weather a little bit longer?

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- NEWS CENTER Maine Meteorologist Jason Nappi 

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