AUGUSTA, Maine — Rep. Anne Carney introduced a bill, LD 1957, that would give women increased access to affordable postpartum care to the Health and Human Services Committee on Thursday. 

Under current law, women with family incomes between 138 percent and 209 percent of the Federal Poverty Level are eligible for MaineCare during pregnancy and for 60 days following the birth of a child. After that, they lose coverage and access to care during a medically vulnerable phase of their lives. 

LD 1957 addresses health care needs that arise outside the 60-day coverage window, by extending coverage from 60 days to 12 months. If enacted, this bill would allow approximately 700 women to receive medical treatment for complications of pregnancy, pelvic floor disorders, difficulty breastfeeding, depression and other health conditions during the year following birth.

A work session will be scheduled at a later date, at which time the committee will consider any amendments to the bill and vote on a recommendation to the full Legislature.

Carney, a member of the Labor and Housing Committee, is serving her first term in the Maine House of Representatives. She represents House District 30, which is part of Cape Elizabeth.

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