WINSLOW, Maine — Officers of the Winslow Police Department are warning local businesses and residents of counterfeit bills that have been found around town.

Winslow police say that if the bill feels strange, or appears to be altered, to contact police before accepting it.

Currently, there are bills circulating the town with Chinese characters on the back that translate to the word "prop". Other bills that have been passed in the area also have those symbols on the front of the bills.

Counterfeit Bill in Winslow
Winslow Police Department

Police remind residents and businesses that some people may not be aware they are in possession of a fake bill.

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If the customer tries to leave in a hurry, it is recommended a call to police is made, and that staff should attempt to obtain their vehicle registration number, or other identification. 

For more information, you are asked to call Detective Scot Christiansen of the Winslow Police Department at 207-872-5215.

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