SKOWHEGAN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The man who entered Lori Hayden’s life when she was 3 years old remembers her as a hardworking, loyal woman with a memorable smile.

Tom Ambrose McCarthy, who owns Central Maine Wreath, said Hayden and her sister Trisha Austin worked for him from the time they were teens to about 1991. "They could pretty much run the place themselves," he said.

McCarthy said his relationship with Lori was always special, and he is richer because of it.

Photos: Photos: Carroll, Lori, Dustin, Leeanna and Kenzie

He and the rest of the family are still overwhelmed by the tragic shootings that took place Wednesday in Madison. Hayden and her son Dustin Tuttle were shot to death by her husband Carroll Tuttle Jr. shortly after Tuttle Jr. shot and killed a neighbor and another relative before being shot and killed by police himself.

McCarthy said he always worried about his daughter’s relationship with Tuttle and nothing more.

He described Dustin Tuttle as a hardworking man and father who had a bright future ahead of him. "He had a good heart," McCarthy said. "He had a lot of his mother’s traits, including her smile."