ORONO, Maine — Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an intense board game? Maybe a family game night lasting for an hour or so, resulting in Dad leaving the table due to frustration?

How frustrated would you be if that game went on for 24-hours, and you still lost? Some students at the University of Maine in Orono may have to find out.

Tonight they kick off a 24-hour gamer marathon. Partnering with Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center to raise money for children receiving care at the hospital. 

“Well we’re giving it up to play games, so it’s really a way of taking something we enjoy doing and  leveraging that in order to help children," organizer Edwin Nagy said.

Board and card games of all kinds were scattered around the Foster Information Center on campus. One room is even dedicated to a 24-hour live stream.

Gamer Marathon

“We have never done one with a group of students like this. So I’m very excited to see what having 50 or 60 students and their parents and family and friends and grandparents all hopefully donating," Nagy added.

Gamer Marathon

Dungeons and Dragons was the popular game of choice during the kickoff event. Some groups, referred to as 'parties', plan on playing for the entire 24-hours. 

To donate or watch the live stream follow the link here:

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