PORTLAND, Maine — 5 Movies to Watch on St. Patrick’s Day


5.) Death to Smoochy (2002): Okay stay with me on this one: Robin Williams is crazed ex-kids show host, Danny DeVito is a corrupt TV producer, Edward Norton is an anthropomorphic Rhino, and also the Irish mob is involved. It’s the least “Irish” persay of our whole list, but man of man is this movie a wild ride.

5.) Secret of Kells (2009): An animated family adventure movie about a young apprentice who ventures out into the wider world to meet all kinds of fantasy creatures. A tri-nation production (France, Belgium, and Ireland) Secret of Kells is and underrated animated film with themes and art aesthetics that would be familiar to fans of Studio Ghibli. It was even nominated for an Oscar in 2009- which was unfortunately the same year Disney/Pixar released “Up”. So, sorry Secret of Kells.

3.) Waking Ned Devine (1998): It’s like an Irish Weekend at Bernies. A small Irish town conspire to split the lottery winnings of a man who died from the shock of having won. Hijinks ensue but there’s a happy ending and a party at the pub (go figure). One scene that really sticks with me is when an old women who wouldn’t participate in the ruse unless she got most of the money for herself is knocked off a cliff while a in phonebooth. Ooof.

2.) The Commitments (1991): Irish accents and American Soul Music – two great tastes that taste great together. This movie easily has the best soundtrack on our list, and it’s got plenty of the heart and gumption you’d expect from an underdog tale. And also fighting and punching at a pub. That last part seems to happen an awful lot in these movies actually.

1.) The Boondock Saints (1999): Honestly could it get more New England than this? A pair of Irish Catholic brothers take matters into their own hands and dispense vigilante justice on the streets of Boston. Willem Dafoe is there. Maine’s own Bob Marley has a cameo. If you look online for “best movies to watch on St Patricks” this movie is almost never on there and that’s just a disgrace.