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One month later, Augusta officer officially adopts abandoned puppy she was dispatched to help

On August 18, the adoption become official and the puppy, named Rey, now has a wonderful home with Officer Rogers and her family.
Credit: Augusta Police Department

AUGUSTA, Maine — If you love a happy (and puppy-related!) story, this one will make you smile.

On July 16, Augusta Police Officer Sara Rogers was dispatched to an abandoned puppy which appeared to be injured. The puppy’s injuries were checked out by a local veterinarian to make sure she was okay and, at the same time, officers made every attempt to locate the owner without success. 

The veterinarian asked if Officer Rogers could check on the puppy throughout the night until the Kennebec Humane Society staff came in to work. Throughout her shift Officer Rogers checked on the pup as often as she could, even taking her meal break with her new friend. They formed an instant bond and Officer Rogers knew the puppy came into her life so she could provide her with a good home. 

Officer Rogers and her family fostered the puppy until she became available to adopt, which resulted in the entire family falling in love with with their new tenant. 

On August 18, the adoption become official and the puppy now has a wonderful home with Officer Rogers and her family. 

Officer Rogers told NEWS CENTER Maine the puppy's name is Rey, after the Jedi who trains under Luke Skywalker in the "Star Wars" movies.

'I would like to add is how grateful we are to the Kennebec Humane Society. They do such good work there and the staff was so helpful through the entire process,' Officer Rogers wrote in an email to NEWS CENTER Maine.

Rogers added that the puppy is 'the best' and that she 'keeps us on our toes.'

The Augusta Police Department said it best: You have to love happy endings!

Credit: Augusta Police Department


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