(NEWS CENTER Maine) -- It is an exciting form of hunting. Archers, attempting to get in close to their quarry before firing their one precious arrow. Only about 19 percent of Maine archers are successful in getting a deer.

"It's the best," says Scott Ramsey, a retired state employee who now picks the best days to be out in the woods.

The regular archery season began Saturday. It runs until Oct. 26, the day before the Traditional Firearm Season on deer begins.

The Expanded Season is ongoing in very limited parts of Maine. These areas include the coast up to a point in Hancock County and around certain municipalities.

In 2017, 2,099 deer were taken by archers in the state of Maine. Of those, 1,584 were taken during the Expanded Season.

"Opening day is the biggest day, by far," said Nathan Bieber, a biologist for the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Hunters enjoy archery because of the history and pureness of the sport. They also have the woods pretty much to themselves.

Archers wear camo and generally hunt from blinds, trying to disappear into the forest.