Spring is finally blooming in Maine, and wildlife babies are being born.

People are also getting outside to hike and work around the house.

This combination causes many people to come into contact with wildlife that appears to be abandoned. It almost never is.

In an effort to offer care for these seemingly abandoned orphans, people often do great harm.

Turtles, many birds, and even a porcupine now call the Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick home as a result.

In the upcoming days, larger animals, especially deer, will be born. Does often leave offspring alone for hours -- but this doesn't mean they aren't okay.

People who happen across a fawn often think it has been abandoned, even though the doe is probably watching from afar.

"As humans, we love to jump in and help with wildlife. However, we should take a step back," says Sarah Kern of the Center.

She notes that people often bring in little turtles, although, "They are born with everything they need, including GPS, which is better than our cell phones!"

The Center is a popular place for animals and people. It is open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  People are allowed to come by for a self-guided tour -- the price is five dollars.

The Center for Wildlife is about to begin the public part of a capital campaign for a new center. More information is available on their website