BANGOR (NEWS CENTER Maine) - I have never covered a NFL playoff game before, so I decided to prepare for the Patriots and Titans matchup like the #GOAT Tom Brady would.

So I went out abd brought his book, The TB12 Method, and for a week I (attempted) to eat, work out, and live like the Patriots star quarterback.

A lot of vegetables, a lot of water, and almost no carbs or caffeine. A challenge.

I began my week meal prepping and for the next six days drank green smoothies, worked out super early, and attempted to get nine hours of sleep a night. Key word: attempted.

The result? There is a reason Tom Brady is as good as he is. It takes a special type of person to live this disciplined of a lifestyle and although it may not be for me, I did learn that veggie lasagna is actually quite tasty.

I am excited to be along for the ride with the #MarchToMinnesota team! Go Pats go.