AUGUSTA (NEWS CENTER Maine) — The Trump administration is opening the door for the states that want to seek work requirements for people who receive Medicaid, also known as MaineCare.

Federal health officials on Thursday issued new guidelines for states that want some Medicaid recipients to work in order to qualify for coverage.

Under the rules, states can require beneficiaries to work, volunteer or participate in job training programs.The elderly, disabled and pregnant women and children are exempt.

Maine is one of 10 states that wants to add work requirements to its Medicaid programs. Sen. Susan Collins weighed in Friday morning as she met with seniors at a retirement center in Auburn. The senator said she is concerned that guidelines will keep some people from getting health insurance.

"There are people that have caregiving responsibilities, struggling with addiction will find it impossible to work," Sen. Collins said. "I want to make sure we proceed very carefully."

Studies by the Kaiser Family Foundation found more than 4 in 10 adults with Medicaid coverage already work full time.

It's not known when Maine will be granted a waiver to begin implementing the changes to its MaineCare program.