Comedian George Lopez said he helped out a U.S. service member make it home in time to be at the birth of his first child. 

Lopez writes in an Instagram post that he ran into the young man while at an airport bar. Lopez thanked the unnamed service member for his service and asked him where he was headed and learned he was taking leave to be at the birth of his first child. 

The service member said that he was taking the bus home because he couldn't afford a plane ticket. He was worried he would miss seeing his child be born. 

To guarantee he would make it home in time, Lopez stepped in and helped. 

"Take this and buy yourself an airline ticket," Lopez said in the Instagram post. 

Lopez shared pictures he received from the service member, letting Lopez know he made it to the birth in time.

Lopez ended his post by reminding everyone to thank military members before taking an apparent jab at President Donald Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again."

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"Take a moment to thank them for their service, because without the brave men and women and LGBTQ we wouldn’t enjoy the freedom to agree or disagree," Lopez wrote. "America has always been great."

Lopez is an actor and stand-up comedian best known for starring in his self-produced sitcom "George Lopez."