BAR HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It was in 1998 that Erik Bendl took a walk with this globe in honor of his mother who passed away from diabetes. Over 19 years later he has continued his journey’ across the country to spread his message of love yourself and go for a walk.

The Kentucky native has made it his mission to walk around the country with his globe in honor of his late mother. He has walked over 6,000 miles and has traveled through 48 states.

"My mother had passed away at the age of 55 from diabetes. Now that I am the age that my mother had passed away from diabetes, it is much more important for me to do as I say, which is try to walk everyday,” said Bendl.

In his latest journey he is traveling from Lubec, Maine to Acadia National Park. But on Saturday he spent the day meeting the visitors and residents of Bar Harbor.

“I once walked 1,000 miles from D.C. to Acadia. Now I have finished that line," said Bendl. "I have walked from the eastern most main street in America preaching the little word of love yourself and go for a walk.”

He shares his stories on his Facebook and website while working to raise money for diabetes through his non-profit the World Guy Foundation where he then gives all of the money to the American Diabetes Association.

"I meet people who say they have been following me since they hear I have been coming through their town," said Bendl. "It's not about me. It is about the people that I meet along the way."