WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A beer company in Westbrook released a new beer Friday that the creators named after the Westbrook snake "Wessie."

The West Coast-style IPA is called "Wessie," and is available as part of a limited release from Mast Landing Brewing Company.

Co-founder of the brewery, Ian Dorsey, said the company was selling through the beer faster than he expected during the "Catch and Release" party Friday.

"Why don't we take this momentum that Westbrook has right now and run with it and kind of keep Westbrook and the city at the forefront of people's minds," said Dorsey. "These types of releases are something that a lot of craft breweries here rely upon to try and get that grass roots base built."

Mast Landing opened in March 2016. Dorsey said the company uses a two-barrel system, and produces about eight barrels per week.

Dorsey said he hoped this release would spur some growth for the business.

"I'm extremely excited to say that I'm part of that whole movement," said Dorsey.

Dorsey said the brewery just received approval for a patio space, which he hopes to complete soon.

The beer will be available on Saturday exclusively at Portland Pie Company in Westbrook while Dorsey and his team pour beer at Thompson's Point for the 2016 Summer Beer Festival. He expects they may sell some of the remaining kegs to some local restaurants.