(NEWS CENTER Maine) -- In a one-on-one interview with NEWS CENTER Maine, former White House speechwriter David Sorensen denied charges of domestic violence against his ex-wife Jessica Corbett.

Sorenson spoke to us Monday afternoon. He says he was NEVER physically abusive toward Corbett but did say the couple argued frequently. Corbett claims Sorensen was both verbally and physically abusive to her. Sorensen tells NEWS CENTER Maine he filed for divorce because she was abusive to him, both physically and verbally. Both sides have produced evidence to back their claims including audio of heated phone calls, screen grabs of text conversations, pictures of abuse, and testimonials from friends.

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Sorensen resigned his position as a speechwriter for President Trump Friday night. He says he stepped down to avoid any embarrassment for the President. When asked if the White House pressured him to resign, Sorenson said he doesn’t discuss the conversations he has with the White House.

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Sorensen also says he’s been surprised by the overwhelming support he’s received since the story went national. When asked what advice he would give to anybody in an abusive relationship, he answered get out immediately and document the instances of abuse.

NEWS CENTER Maine reached out to Sorensen's ex-wife Jessica Corbett. She did replied to a text message from us saying she won't respond to what she calls Sorensen's "lies."

Corbett also told us she stands by her previous statements about Sorensen.