Former Red Sox ace, Roger Clemens was in Maine Saturday night to visit with some fans.

Those fans lined up to take photos and say hello to Clemens.

He also held a Q&A with more than 550 fans to raise money for the Roger Clemens Foundation.

Clemens and his wife started the foundation in the 90s to benefit children.

Clemens says this is his first trip to Bangor, but he has fond memories in Kennebunkport visiting with fellow Texan, George H. W. Bush.

"Really enjoyed the times we had to spend with him and come up whether I was a Red Sox or another player and was able to sneak up and enjoy a very quick round of golf or just enjoy some time up at Walker's Point," Clemens said.

Clemens says he feels fortunate to be able to play in New England and meet the Bush family as well as the Kennedy's.

Clemens, who played for both the Red Sox and Yankees says the rivalry

"Real fortunate to be able to play in two of the most historic cathedrals, if you will, in the history of the game," Clemens said.

The seven-time Cy Young winner spent twelve years in Boston but has not been voted into Cooperstown.

When asked about the Hall of Fame snub, he says he has no control over it.