PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The mother of a child killed 16 years ago says justice has failed her daughter.

Christy Darling says she is sickened knowing that Sally Schofield, who was convicted of manslaughter in 2002 in connection with the death of Logan Marr a year prior, has been released from prison.

"We have a monster coming back to [our] playground," Darling told NEWS CENTER on Tuesday.

Schofield, now 55 years old, was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

"Shame on people that think she has done enough time," Darling said. "Guess she should be thankful Maine doesn't believe [in the death] penalty – or eye for an eye."

Investigators in 2001 said 5-year-old Marr was found unresponsive in a basement. She was bound to a highchair and wrapped in 47 feet of duct tape.

Logan Marr and her younger sister Bailey were in Schofield's care at the time. The sisters had been taken away from Darling and lived in several foster homes before being placed in Schofield's home in Chelsea.

It was later discovered that the girls should never have been at Schofield's home in the first place because she was a supervisor in the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, and the placement violated state rules.

The state notified Darling of any changes in Schofield's status.

"Jail has made it so she got an education, taught line dancing, family reunions outside of jail. So what time has she done other than not sleep in her own bed? She has had more to do than I can count," Darling said. "I see what she has been up to and I had to have the victim's advocates stop sending me her fun life from jail."

Conditions of Schofield's probation prohibit her from contact with children under 16 except for her own children and those of her relatives with supervision and permission of her probation officer.

"No one who kills a child should be among us, especially the ones who can't own what they did," Darling said. "Sally Schofield will never take and own what she did. Logan didn't need to die … just really sad that Sally [is] free."