PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER)-- On this week's "Political Brew," NEWS CENTER Maine political analysts Phil Harriman and John Richardson talk about the increasing calls this week for taking action on gun violence.

Emotions spilled over during a rally at the State House on Thursday.

Harriman says "We've got to get past that, look each other in the eye and talk about how we're going to solve this."

They discussed the steps members of Maine's Congressional delegation are considering to address school safety and gun violence. Richardson believes "what the majority of the delegation is considering is exactly where I think Maine people want us to be."

Richardson and Harriman also discuss the criticism the LePage administration and DHHS are taking over recent child abuse cases. They agree that Gov. LePage has been a strong advocate for children and the elderly, but Richardson credits Senate President and gubernatorial candidate Mike Thibodeau for calling for a comprehensive investigation.

Other subjects tackled this week include the latest turmoil at the White House and President Trump's call for tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, which some say will spark a trade war. And they discuss the state's projected $128 million budget surplus and how the legislature should deal with it.

"Political Brew" airs Sundays on the Morning Report.