(NEWS CENTER Maine) -- As promised, launch day for our new website is finally here! Welcome to the brand new NEWSCENTERmaine.com. Check out our new site.

The sites for WCSH and WLBZ merged into one central place for the latest headlines across the state.

We heard you loud and clear. Our websites weren't exactly user friendly. Over the last couple of years, we've collected and analyzed your concerns about the look and functionality of our site.


We decided on these two positive changes, a big one being no more full page takeover advertisements! We all know ads pay our bills, but some had issues navigating past the ads. No more!

Now, more than ever, videos are easier to find and stories are free from clutter.

Our menu is now a drop-down menu, located in the upper left corner. A big request was to make it easier for folks to find pages for our different shows. Our shows now have their own section, where you'll find NOW, Bill Green's Maine, and 207.

Many folks also had problems finding our live stream link. Instead of coming and going during showtime, the link now lives in the upper right hand corner (of every page!) and it even tells you the next time we'll go live for a local broadcast.

You can also find the livestream in a brand new section we're offering: NEWS CENTER Maine Alert Center. The alert bar will always be on the page. When an alert is activated, the bars will turn a certain color.

Weather plays a huge part in our new website. It not only has its own section in the drop-down menu, but the current weather conditions in your area will live in the upper right hand corner next to the livestream link. Clicking on the current temperature will bring you to our latest forecast.

Lastly, it used to be that our mobile site and desktop site were two different formats. We can all agree it was very frustrating, but that is no longer! What you see on your smartphones and mobile devices will be the same as what you see from a laptop or computer.

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns about all the latest changes with NEWS CENTER Maine. Contact us at digitalteam@newscentermaine.com