AUGUSTA, Maine — This spring, you'll be seeing a new design on Maine driver's licenses and identification cards.

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap unveiled the redesign Monday, the state's first in nearly a decade. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles first adopted the moose and mountain design in 2010.

Aesthetically, the design features an outline of the state of Maine with images of two state symbols: the white pine cone and tassel; and black-capped chickadee; respectively, the state tree and flower; and state bird.

It also incorporates iconic images of Maine, including a potato field with a barn, lighthouse, sailboat, mountain and sunrise.

Structurally, the design includes overt, covert and forensic elements that incorporate the most modern proprietary industry elements and card design standards, the state secretary's office says. The features make the process of creating false credentials more difficult, while making it more obvious to those who interact with credentials to recognize elements that are incorrect.

Side-by-side comparison of sample Maine driver's licenses. L-R: 2010; 2019.
Maine Secretary of State's Office

"Our staff has worked diligently to create a design that elegantly incorporates a variety of images that speak to the Maine experience," Secretary Dunlap said, "while also improving the security of these important identity documents."

All current driver's licenses or ID cards will remain valid until their expiration date and the new design will be phased in upon renewal, beginning this spring.

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