FALMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- An extremely cold therapy has been brought to Maine that star athletes, like LeBron James, have been using for years.

Maine Cryospa and Therapy opened in Falmouth in December. Alexis Wilbert owns the business and offers three types of services. The cryospa gives facial treatments with -260°F air blowing on customers faces. According to Wilbert it reduces fine lines, winkles and acne.

"When people hear cryospa they have no idea what that means," said Wilbert. "But since people have been learning about it people are getting really excited."

With a facial you'll be easing yourself into the world of cryotherapy, but if you're up for it they also have the cryotherapy chamber. A full body experience that gets as cold as -240°F, for a three minute session. Nick Cortina is co-owner of Beyond Strength Maine and lifts on a daily basis. He's seen results after just two sessions in the chamber.

"I wanted to come in and see how it would work and I immediately felt an increase in mobility, which is really important for recovery as well as continuing my training schedule," said Cortina.

The air blown inside of the chamber has no moisture in it, so there's no chance of frostbite. Your skin temperature is lowered, but your internal body temperature isn't effected, according to manager Nicole Robinson.

"The blood rushes from your extremities to your organs to protect them and your organs enrich the blood with nutrients, enzymes and oxygen," said Robinson.

The third service that you can try is the NormaTec Pulse System that uses compressed air to massage your limbs. Increasing blood flow to injured parts of the body. Single treatments for the NormaTec Pulse and Whole Body Cryo both cost $34. The Cryo Facial is $50 for a single treatment.