Wednesday is that day that you may be celebrating that old saint of courtship and romantic love that Geofforey Chaucer canonized. St Valentines Day, now a Hallmark staple, to honor the martyr for the celebrating of your romantic interests. Whatever they may be, Maia Gosselin from has some wines that will get you in the mood for love. Even if you're not with another, she has a bottle for you too. And they are all French, just to add to the warmth of this February night.

She starts it off with Baron de Seillac Brut Sparkling Rose, it's not a champagne but who needs the pretense. It's a sparkling wine that you should drink with a tuna tartare, the bubbles and the raw fish balance and dance in your mouth. This is a good start. You're just getting started.

After you've got your mojo flowing, and Barry White is on the Hi-Fi, open the bottle of Domaine Gueguen Petit Chablis and bring out the oysters. The seawater and the flesh of fish will cool this calming young chablis. It's really a chardonay without the oak, but the oysters add that jena se quois that leads to, well, it's Valentines Day. You know where this is going.

So now, open that bottle of Domaine de Vedilhan Viognier, and have the cheese plate with the ginger spread at the ready, you're prepared, yes? Match some smooth cheese with a cracker and loads of ginger as you pull from the Viognier, your cheeks flush, that's ok, it's just you & your sweetie. And while that's going, might as well cork the Magic Door Rose Sancerre, because that is going with dinner, the fish dish you've made from the cookbook from Harbor Market, and once you bite into dinner everything else opens up. It's a Magic Door.

There's a lot of wine here, of course you can pick and choose. I don't want you to think you need to drink 6 bottles in one night, but wow, if you did, what a night that would be.

And of course, there's the piece de resistance, that Bouljelais that you chilled just slightly to cool the burning pot de creme, chocolate lava cake.

There you go. Now that's a date.

Of course, there's the rest of us alone watching Netflix, because, Valentines Day, who needs it. And the 40 Ounce Red doesn't need a cork screw, or a glass, or a partner to share it with, just crack it open like the Rainier 40's from the all night Safeway you were removed from in college.

You earned this. Enjoy.

  • Baron de Seillac Brut Sparkling Rose
  • Domaine Gueguen Petit Chablis
  • Domaine de Vedilhan Viognier
  • Magic Door Rose Sancerre
  • Domaine Chassely "Quatre Saisons" Beaujolais
  • 40 Ounce Red