PORTLAND, Maine — Even though many kids get their lunch at school, it is still important for parents to have snacks.

With long school days and extracurricular activities, your kid could get hangry- no one wants that! 

The Lance Minis did some research on kids, parents, and snacking habits.

What the company found was that 70% of parents agree that planning snacks and meals ahead of time is really productive.

However, only 32% of parents actually commit to that process.

On average, parents spend an average of 86 hours per year packing and prepping snacks.

If your kid is hungry and wants a snack one day, but isn't hungry the next, it is still important to give them a snack anyways in case they do get hungry. This gives them the option to have a snack if they need one. 

Giving you kid the option to have a snack gets them in the habit of acknowledging when they are hungry, and acting on it, instead of not eating and being ravenous later.

As for what to snack on- do what you can within the bounds of what your kid will eat.

It is always good to try and include fruits and veggies. You can always make it interactive with a hummus or dip of some sort. 

It is also encouraged to change up the variety of colors in your kid's snacks.

Another suggestion from the Lance company is to stock up on the grab and go options because they are perfect for running to and from events.

Most importantly- use the snack prep time as a way to bond. Brainstorm cool snacks together, go grocery shopping together, and get it done. 

That way, your child feels equally involved in the selection process.