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The sun sets later and the days get longer

Sunset falls after 7 p.m. with more hours of daylight through the summer.

MAINE, USA — Do you like more sunshine in the evening?  Maybe even a longer day in general? Well here's some good news.  We are one week into spring and hit a milestone today!  The first sunset of 2023 which is after 7 p.m. will take place this evening at 7:01 p.m.  

As we continue to progress further through this season and into summer, the sun will continue to set later and later.  By the middle of May, the sun will set an hour later at 8 p.m. The latest sunset of the year will be during the summer solstice on June 21st which means summer is beginning.  

Credit: NCM

The sun is additionally rising earlier as we head towards the solstice which means longer days in general.

Let's take a look at where we were to where we are now.  

December 21 was the first day of winter and also the shortest day of the year. The total day length was just under 9 hours.

As we progress through Spring and then to the first day of summer (June 21), we see the day length increasing. The sun gradually starts rising earlier and setting later.

Today's daylight will last for 12 hours and 29 minutes and will still continue to increase through the summer solstice.  That day is the longest of the year and will last about 15 hours and 26 minutes.

Credit: NCM

Does more daylight mean we need to be more productive? Nope.  Maybe it's just an excuse to enjoy the outdoors. Or indoors.  The choice is yours!

- Aaron

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