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That AC: Should have bought it, when you saw it, at Marden's

Humidity storms in; followed by big heat.
Credit: ncm

It's amazing how quickly a pattern can turn the corner. In late June it looked like Summer might never arrive; now we are 16 days into July and have only recorded ONE below average day:

Credit: ncm

If anything, we have one below average day slated in the next 10 or so, and the above average days will be WAY above average. 

Let's start with the swamp butt though. That arrives on Wednesday. The humidity that will move into Maine is actually associated with what was once Hurricane Barry. As such, it'll be able to drive our dew points into the mid 70s in spots, which is EXTREMELY high for Northern New England.

It'll be a mostly cloudy day, however, so the humidity and the warmth will feel a bit weird. Highs will make a run at 90 F even without the sun. 

Credit: ncm

By the afternoon the atmosphere will destabilize to the point where there is widespread thunderstorm activity. Some of these storms could be severe with the main threat being strong downbursts (aka strong winds that aren't tornadic).

Credit: ncm

By Thursday we get a one day timeout from the humidity with a backdoor cold front coming in. Temperatures will dip to the 70s as well.

But keeping this air mass in the 70s is like trying to keep me in a properly fitting suit; it just ain't right. Friday will see a return to warmth and humidity.

But the real heavy hitter when it comes to heat will be Saturday.

The atmosphere aloft is a complete blowtorch and I see NO reason we can't achieve the maximum potential of this air.

That means mid 90s even to the coast in many spots and 100 F a distinct possibility over southwestern Maine.

Credit: ncm

The above map is what I'm thinking right now and, trust me, I don't take putting 100 on a map lightly. But if we're ever going to do it, this is the right setup for it.

Sunday is hot too, but "only" around 90 F.

Carson Out.

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