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Storm wraps up tonight, colder heading into the weekend

The end is nigh for rain, snow, and strong wind gusts. Other than some spotty mountain showers, expect quieter and colder days heading into the weekend.

MAINE, USA — Here comes the sun (do-do-dodo). No, really, there is already sunshine peeking out as I write this blog.

That is not the case for most of Maine, however, as the storm rages on.

Heavy snow is falling in the mountains. Wind gusts are progressing eastward down the coastline. Heavy rain continues near the state capital.

As the storm wraps in some drier air, sunshine has broken out in coastal York county, as of 1 p.m. Thursday.

The storm keeps moving east and most are dry by Friday morning. 

Wind has been the biggest impact for the coastline. Other than some nuisance flooding, power outages were the big story. There were some impressive gusts reported so far.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine
Recorded wind gusts as of 2 p.m. Thursday.

The rain snow line was right near the US 2 corridor. North was snow, south was rain. The Bangor metro area stayed warm enough for rain through Thursday morning, and snow amounts will likely be quite low.

Some of the western peaks and parts of the County got a good deal of heavier snow, though. This will last into the evening and overnight. Most will be clear by sunrise on Friday in these areas, but a few stray showers will be possible through the day on Friday and into the evening. The coast will be dry.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine
Some snow showers are possible through western and northern Maine Friday. Most stay dry.

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Wind gusts will weaken from west to east, too. By 7 p.m. Thursday, it will still be breezy, but gusts above 40 mph will be over. This means power outages should peak in the middle of the day and more customers will have their power restored through the evening.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine
Forecast wind gusts on Thursday evening are still a little strong, but not quite enough to be damaging like the ones on Thursday morning.

A few breaks of sun are expected in western Maine through Thursday afternoon. There might even be some rays that make their way to Bangor, just before sunset.

The cold air lags a little bit, with temperatures falling into the teens and 20s overnight.

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Friday will bring high temperatures closer to normal for this time of year, which might feel a bit cold compared to the mild stretch we've experienced during the second half of February.

The next threat for precip is not until the middle of next week. A pretty good signature for warm air returns early next week, too. I would not be surprised at all to see a couple days get close to 50 again.

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We'll see if winter can make a return in the next couple weeks. For now, enjoy the taste of spring.

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