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Storm Update: My Wishcast' came true

I knew this storm had more potential. I'm so glad it's done disappointing everyone.
Credit: ncm

After lamenting over the lost potential of our Friday storm in yesterday's blog, I wrote:

"I still think this storm could be a bigger deal. Often the models tick northwest with low pressure systems within 48 hours or so of the onset of a storm. It's a known bias.

Bottom Line: Give me any reason to increase this snowfall map, and I'm dying to do it. It's a hunch."

And sure enough, last night the model runs started moving northwest. 

This is actual footage of me watching those models load on my computer:

That northwest shift gave me the justification I needed to increase snowfall totals along the coastline all the way down into southern Maine:

Credit: ncm

New map, who dis?

Carson out.

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