MAINE, USA — I'm not impressed with the snow risk with this storm at all. The trend for weaker and warmer began with this storm system yesterday and that trend has held. The storm just doesn't get it's act together until it's too late and east.

Overrunning precipitation will arrive tomorrow afternoon. With mild temps in the 40s it will mostly be in the form of light rain. The mountains and higher terrain will see light snow.

Thursday afternoon

Overnight, cold air will attempt to get drawn into the storm, but the track of the low right along the coast doesn't favor a big temp drop. Therefore, snow will be tough to come by along the coast. Inland areas will see a flip to snow.

Thursday night

The storm will be progressive and move along pretty quickly. Most of the precip will be over by mid-morning on Friday.

Friday afternoon

Snow amounts will be maximized away from the coast, over the higher elevations and where we get the most precip. So I've pegged the mountains of Maine and New Hampshire along with the Central Highlands as the jackpot zones...3-6".

Snow map

There should be just enough cold and precip for a couple inches through the Foothills and roads may get greasy for Friday morning. But along the coast, little if any accumulation will occur, maybe just a little slush on the grass.

Well get more info through the day so keep checking back for updates.

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