MAINE, USA — The pattern of quick-moving snow storms continues this week as our next storm passes through. I feel like a broken record now that we're halfway through February, but here it goes again:

No, this won't be a blockbuster storm. It will, however, have an impact on today's travel...especially this morning.


Timeline: Morning


Midday Timeline


Evening Timeline

The snow will be steadiest this morning with occasional heavier bursts. Temps will be right around 32 so it will be sticking to untreated roads making them very slippery. By the middle of the day, the storm will be sliding out to sea, snow will taper and end early in the afternoon. Later this evening, even though the steady snow will be long gone, an Arctic front will spark a few snow squalls. Be alert, driving conditions could get briefly tough in a few communities.

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The totals from this storm aren't all that high. In fact, it looks like most Mainers will only see a few inches.

Snow Map

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