MAINE, USA — The trend for this storm has been warmer and warmer. Now, as the storm is knocking on our doorsteps, we have a bit more data and an even better idea of what the storm's evolution will be... and so far, all of the observations look toasty.

Temperatures are fairly moderate ahead of the system. A mix of upper 30s and low 40s from the coastline through central Maine reinforces the idea of rain.

Western Maine mountains will see snow, as will the County and some of the higher elevations near Katahdin. This is where we can observed the colder air that is already settled. The temperatures posted below are from 9 p.m. Saturday night. They indicate the conditions as the storm moved in.

Saturday Night Observed Temperatures
These help us see where the snow was and rain was as the storm rolled in.

Rain and snow continue to build in overnight tonight. As they do, wind gusts will pick up.

Forecast Wind Gusts

These gusts are not strong enough to cause widespread damage. Power outages look rather unlikely at this time, but with saturated soils and a couple of higher gusts mixed in, a few isolated issues may arise. Still, wind doesn't look to be a huge deal with this one. Keep an eye on those garbage cans or any other loose objects outside.

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The storm pushes through into early Sunday afternoon, where some sleet or even rain may mix almost to Maine's northernmost border.

Forecast for Sunday morning

With so much warm air around, snow totals will not be too high. A couple of pockets in northern Maine could make it into the 3-6" range. Though I do think some spots near Rangeley could exceed 3", the overall warmth and lack of good snowflake growth lead me to think that most areas stay in the 1-3" range.

Forecast Totals

As sleet and freezing rain mix in central Maine, there could be some localized icing. No big issues are anticipated, but a couple of slick side roads and walkways are possible.

Icing Chances

With moderate rainfall and melting snow, watch out for some local areas of high water. This would be most likely through southwestern Maine. Some rivers and streams may be close to their banks.

Southern Maine will feature sunshine on Monday with moderate temperatures for this time of year. Northern Maine sees a few more snow showers as the system's energy progresses east.

Forecast for Monday

High pressure is back for the rest of the work-week - a total snooze fest from the forecast perspective. I'm not complaining about this, I don't mind a quiet week at all... but it's a fact that forecasts for high pressure and quiet conditions are generally easier.

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Don't look now, but next weekend could be interesting. We'll talk about this on Wednesday... let me give it a few more days to let the pattern work itself out a bit. Until then, follow me on Twitter and Facebook for updates with our current storm.