MAINE, USA — It'll be a good weekend to go singin' in the least, for most of Maine.

The forecast looks toasty for this time of year. Normally, average temperatures are in the upper 20s and low 30s. For coastal and central Maine, temperatures will likely be 5-10 degrees above average. This will be enough to ensure mostly rain.

Through the mountains and northern Maine, some wintry mix and snow are still in the cards. 

The snow will likely be on the heavier and wetter side, much different than the fluffy snow that moved through Maine last weekend.

Still, with winter sports being in full swing, it seems that the wintry weather in the mountains is just what some Mainers want. Let's break down the details.

The set up:

The Set Up
The inland low track means warmer temperatures

There it is, our inland tracking low. This will bring in a good bit of warmth, hence the forecast favoring more rain. Take a look below at the modeled warm air that makes its way into Maine:


Western Maine mountains and northern Maine could still see some sleet or freezing rain mixed in, but the forecast still supports a much colder profile than the coastline. In other words, it looks more wintry and almost all rain forecast on the coast.

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Snow totals are not going huge even in these wintry areas. Take a look at the updated map below:

Snow and Ice Map

There is a chance for some minor icing through central Maine. Icy patches would be isolated, and most end up just fine....however, with the transition from rain to snow taking place through the center of the state, it's important to note that it could be just a bit slick.

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The storm also could be a bit gusty. While the forecast wind gusts do not look high enough for power outages, keep an eye on those trash cans. Winds do relax as we get closer to Monday morning.

Monday allows for a handful of snow showers in northern Maine while the coast sees a quieter, mild day.

Wind Gusts
Forecast wind gusts overnight Saturday into Sunday.

High pressure takes over yet again for another quiet (and cooler) week.

I'll be in all weekend in the evenings. Ryan Breton has you covered in the mornings. 

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