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Late-March slushfest on the way to Maine

We can get big storms this time of year, but this isn't going to be one of them.

MAINE, USA — To be honest, I wasn't originally going to write a blog about this storm. It's accumulating snow for much of the state, sure ... but it's overall a bit, meh.

But our digital manager told me a lot of people were searching our website for information on this storm, so here we are. Basically, I blame you.

Big picture, it's a double-barreled low-pressure system with one low offshore and the other tucked into the Great Lakes.

Credit: NCM

That can sometimes be a really good setup for snow for us, but this time the coastal low is a bit slow to develop and a bit weak. That means more warm air is pulled back into the system at the mid-levels. More on that in a second.

Most of the day Saturday is fine, then snow starts to move in between 4 to 6 p.m. over southern and western Maine.

Credit: ncm

Initially, surface temperatures are a bit warm, plus there's still a late March sun angle to deal with. I don't think we are doing much accumulating during the daylight hours Saturday.

By Saturday night, things get a bit more interesting as the sun sets and temperatures drop below freezing inland. I think some accumulation will begin at this pointlargely away from the coast.

Credit: ncm

The coast is going to struggle to do a lot of accumulating even overnight because of boundary layer temps in the 34 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit range. Good luck with that.

In fact, I think it's likely much of the coast will change over to rain overnight as warm air surges in aloft.

Credit: ncm

Snow continues inland but accumulation isn't nearly as efficient as it might be if surface temperatures were more in the mid-20s and aloft was cooler.

The system wraps up Sunday mid-morning and we spike into the upper 40s in many spots late in the day.

Credit: ncm

All told, here's what I'm thinking:

Credit: ncm

Plus, it'll melt in two days anyhow. Told you this was meh. Why'd you make me write this?

- Carson out

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