You know what I was just thinking about while putting together this bone-chilling, run-a-humidifier-that-looks-like-a-penguin, long-johns-on-long-johns forecast?

It's technically still Fall.

Look, it's well known that Maine doesn't play by our seasonal calendar rules, spring on March 20th? Hilarious joke!

Still, to be dropping below zero even along the coastline before it's technically winter. Well, that's aggressive.

Big Cold Arrives Tomorrow Afternoon

I've been selling the idea of "Full Barney" cold for about 10 days now. I don't say that so you can oohh and awww at how good a forecaster I am (although that's certainly going to be encouraged), I say that because THAT'S how strong the polar signal was. We could see it coming a mile away.

We get into the teeth of the cold on Friday morning with these wind chills:


Dangerously cold. Remember that wind chill and "Feels Like" temperatures are not just a crazy science equation, the cold impacts your skin in a much more adverse way when the winds are blowing.

Actual air temperatures will be in the -15 to -2 F range at this point. The coastal readings will be especially unusual, last winter we got down to -10 F but that was in mid February and there are certainly entire winter seasons where Portland and Rockland don't go below zero.

Saturday is cold, but not as bad, with just -5 F to 5 F kinda stuff.

Some Snow on Saturday

Into this frigid airmass enters a storm system by Saturday morning. And, no surprise, it will at least start as snow.

This is 8 AM Saturday morning. So it'll snow, with some good thumps of moderate snow in there through the early afternoon.

Somewhat amazingly given the initial cold air in place, the warm sector will drive north all the way into Canada changing most of us over to rain by Saturday night.

After that it stays largely rain with some backend sleet and snow showers through Sunday. The result will be a pretty messy combo of snow on the ground, rain, and then a hard freeze on Sunday night. Crust Game:11.

Here's my early stab at snowfall totals for Saturday (I'm feeling these early calls after an early season strong start, can't wait to get totally embarrassed with a big swing and miss soon):

Back to frigid on Monday, but I see a warm up in our not so distant future. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye might be in for a disappointment.

Carson Out.