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Is a white Christmas in the forecast for Maine?

Meteorologist Aaron Myler takes a look at the past to find out if we could see snow on Christmas Day.

MAINE, USA — What's the one thing we all want for Christmas? Contrary to what Mariah Carey would tell you, I think most would like snow!

To take a look at the future, we first need to look at the past to see how often we have had snow on Christmas Day.

Credit: NCM

Last year was a white Christmas for those in Portland, with 1.8 inches of snow falling throughout the day. That followed the 1.2 inches that were already on the ground. That means there was a total of 3 inches of snow on the ground for the big day.

Unfortunately, we don't usually have snowflakes and flurries flying on December 25.

Credit: NCM

Portland has gotten accumulated snow only 22% of the time. The inland locations of Bangor and Augusta have gotten snow more often, but still only around 30% of the time for Christmas.

Higher snow amounts are even rarer ... but not impossible. Several years ago, Bangor got 12.2" of snow on Christmas Day! Portland got a similar amount 15 years prior. 

The good news? This does not factor in snow that is already sitting on the ground when the clock strikes midnight.

Credit: NCM

When you account for the snow that is already on the ground, we do indeed have a white Christmas most of the time.

Portland has a 60% chance of a white Christmas. Bangor and Augusta have a great chance to see snow on the ground (and maybe in the sky too!) while Santa Clause is out delivering presents.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

- Aaron

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