If you've been here long enough, you know Memorial Day in New England, and especially be Maine, can be a pain to plan for.

Even in just the last five years, we've seen everything from 40s to 80s:


I tweeted this out last year on Memorial Day, when I went to the beach wearing a sweatshirt. 

Six weeks later, the Fourth of July was the warmest on record in Portland!

In this weather pattern, it's been tough to string together two or more sunny days. But it looks like all three days this weekend will offer at least some sunshine.



The nicest weather will be during the first half of the day, with sunshine to start. It will become cloudy during the afternoon.

Temperatures should warm into the 60s for most, with some towns hitting 70, before showers arrive later in the afternoon. Plan on a wet Saturday evening, with occasional rain. As the rain comes through, it will cool down into the 50s.


We'll have a mix of clouds and sunshine, with a few lingering showers and a chance for a thunderstorm. The highest chance for rain will be in eastern and northern Maine. 

Southern Maine looks mostly dry, with just an isolated thunderstorm. Temperatures will rise into the 70s.


We're still five days out, but right now Monday looks decent as well, with a partly sunny sky. There's a small risk for a shower later in the day.

Temperatures inland should rise into the 70s again, while a seabreeze cools the coast (60s) in the afternoon.

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