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The weekend trends wetter in Maine

As new data comes in, all signs point to heavier rain this weekend and widespread higher totals.

MAINE, USA — The newest model runs are in and they have some big implications for the weekend forecast. Spoiler alert: Keep your umbrellas sitting by the door!

If you read my blog yesterday, I outlined two scenarios: one that would result in a stalled out front over Maine with the rainfall focused on us, and the other that would clear us out quickly and keep the rain to our east.

Looks like this round is going to the stalled out front. Get ready for rain and storms to continue through Saturday and right into Sunday.

There is a reason for this. The high pressure anchored near Newfoundland is acting as a block and preventing the cold front from clearing Maine. 

I briefly speculated that this would be the case yesterday, but now the proof is in the pudding.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine

Depending on where you are right now, you may have already seen a decent bit of rain today.

There's more on the way, and it moves east through the evening and overnight.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine

This is a rough outline of when the rain will roll through.

Given our current atmospheric setup, expect the rain to be a fairly narrow band on the radar.

On the bright side, the severe weather threat diminishes by sunset. (Reminder: sunset is wicked early now compared to summer, it's dark before 7 p.m. these days!)

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine

Here's where the forecast differs a bit from yesterday.

The cold front gets stuck over Maine on Saturday. This will leave the door open for more downpours during the day. It also means things will be generally cloudy, even in areas that do not see much rain.

An area of low pressure rides along this front late Saturday.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine
As that low rides along the front, heavy rain will move back into Maine.

This low brings another batch of heavy rain Saturday afternoon or evening.

The front will be slow to move.

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A lingering front and low pressure nearby will keep rain in Maine for at least the first half of Sunday.

Rain gradually clears from southwest to northeast on Sunday afternoon. Aroostook county by not clear out entirely under early Monday morning.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine

This, of course, means there will be an increase in rain totals everywhere.

Note that this map includes the rain that has already fallen on Friday. It also goes through Sunday now, as opposed to ending Saturday evening.

As far as impacts go, this rain will be pretty beneficial to parts of northwestern Maine. There's still a drought from Rangeley to the Allagash. This will help tremendously.

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Even so, a couple of isolated flooding issues are possible.

Elsewhere, there is a slightly higher risk for a couple of issues to pop up. We're getting to that time of year when leaves clog up storm drains, which cause poor drainage and sometimes lead to localized high water during heavy rain.

Remember to never drive through flooded roadways. Wet leaves can be just as slick as ice, too!

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine

The bright side of this entire forecast is that sunshine is back for most of next week.

Ryan will have more details Saturday morning, and you can follow me on Twitter for updates in the meantime, @MikeSliferWX.