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Destructive wind, more power outages expected Monday

Another powerful storm will rip through Maine. While many still haven't had their electricity restored from the last storm, more outages are likely.

MAINE, USA — My birthday, The Masters, Red Sox opening day, Bruins playoffs, the Boston Marathon, Easter, Spring. April used to be my favorite month. 

Now it's not. 

Now it's my least favorite. 

I guess a lot has to do with the current state of the World. But, even in a perfect world, this April would have to go down as one of the worst months in a long time. Mother Nature is about to test us all again with another destructive storm. This time it's not snow, but wind and rain.


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Obviously rain doesn't sound like a big deal and will come and go. Yes, there will be some issues from it like hydroplaning and temporary drainage problems but for the majority of us, those are non-issues. For towns and folks that live along rivers, especially in Northern Maine that still have ice on them, minor river flooding may occur. Ice jams are potentially more impactful with rapid rises, but they are quite unpredictable and variable. If you live along a river prone to ice jams, be super vigilant.

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The greatest concern from this storm is easily the wind. Low pressure will travel to our west sending a surge of mild air into Northern New England. That warm air will chip away at the stable, chilly air over Maine and undermine our defenses. This will allow more efficient mixing and stronger winds aloft will have a much easier time getting down to the surface. Destructive gusts over 50 mph are likely and so are more power outages.

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This is coming on the heels of last week's power outage event. In fact, not everyone is back online yet. While our local power companies have done a great job in the restoration effort, the reality is we are looking at numerous more. Sadly, we all need to prepare for more lengthy outages.

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