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Brutal cold in Maine on Tuesday

Wednesday morning will be downright dangerous. It will be one of the coldest winter mornings since 2018.

MAINE, USA — Bundle up!

Some of the coldest air in the past few years is coming to Maine this week.

An Arctic front will pass on Monday. Behind it, the core of the cold air ends up centered right over New England.

I know, I know ... it's Maine, we should be used to this.

I think some people still are used to this, depending on where in Maine they live.

But for others, it's been a while.

This is the type of cold that will cause pipes to freeze. Animals will have to be brought inside. Warming shelters will likely have to be opened so people have a safe place to go.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine

Here's the Arctic front.

A few snow squalls may pass through along with the front. This is what really allows the cold air to settle in.

Temperatures will drop from the teens and 20s Monday afternoon into the low single digits shortly after sunset Monday.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine

By Tuesday morning, air temperatures will be near and below zero everywhere.

Add in the gusty northwest wind, and wind chills really plummet.

The coldest will be over the mountains, where wind chill values may drop as low as -40°F at times.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine

Wind chills will stay well below zero all day.

High temperatures themselves will also be quite cold, with most only ending up in the single digits.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine

Wednesday morning looks even colder, but thankfully with a bit less wind.

These are actual air temperatures.

With forecast temperatures below -5° everywhere, I wanted to see how long it has been since Maine saw those kinds of temperatures.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine

Needless to say, it has been a little while. Since the start of 2021 was relatively mild, it's been almost two years for Bangor and Augusta.

In Portland, the last time it was -5°F or lower was almost four years ago.

This is brutal cold.

Stay safe, have a place to get warm, and keep a close eye on pets! Seriously. Even dogs should not be out longer than they absolutely need to in this kind of cold.

Sea smoke is certainly possible, if not expected, on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I know we have some photographers reading this ... charge up those batteries.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine

On the bright side, Wednesday afternoon will warm up to a balmy 25-30°. This is pretty short-lived, all things considered.

- Mike Slifer, @MikeSliferWX

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