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As temperatures continue to drop, the feels like temps drop even further

The cold air is about to join forces with gusty winds to drop your wind chill temperatures.
Credit: NCM

MAINE, USA — It may be the time to add another layer to your wardrobe because it's going to feel even colder! Brrrrrr...

High temperatures will drop into the 30s over the next few days before "warming" back up midweek.

Credit: NCM

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Wind speeds will do the opposite and pick up on Sunday and Monday.

Credit: NCM

Maine is looking at sustained wind speeds both days from the West around 10-20mph with gusts up to 40mph.

These winds could cause power outages around the state and lower your visibility.

Credit: NCM

Snow flurries are forecast for Sunday, so combining the two could make it tough to see ahead on the roadways.

One thing that we will feel is the even colder wind chill temps.  

Credit: NCM

Temperatures drop on Sunday and Monday in addition to the gusty winds. That means our wind chill temperatures will also decrease. The start of the week will feel like the temperatures are in the teens and 20s through the day.

The reason the winds make temperatures feel even colder is that our bodies are unable to keep themselves insulated.

Credit: NCM

When there is no wind, a layer of heat surrounds our bodies and insulates us from the cold air. That would allow the temperature we feel to match the actual air temperature and let us stay warmer.

When the wind picks up, it blows that warm layer of heat away from our bodies.   This allows the cooler air to reach our bodies, making it feel even colder when outside.

- Aaron Myler

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