SEBAGO, Maine — A man from Topsham can't get enough of the see-through conditions on Sebago Lake. Eric McNett has spent most of the last week skating on the glassy ice with friends, taking mesmerizing video of the clear view of the lake floor.  

"It's pretty incredible ice here on Sebago Lake...The worlds finest skating on the planet Earth...Look at these big boulders!"

Boulders the size of small cars and fish can be seen with complete clarity through the estimated two and a half inches of ice. McNett admits that Sebago Lake ice is often clear in the winter but not like this. 

"Sebago is usually clear water, but the ice is unusually perfect right now!" says McNett.  

In McNett's video, he estimates the lake floor is around five to six feet under his skates.  

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The lack of recent snow is a contributing factor to why the ice froze so clearly. Skating conditions are about to change as an approaching storm threatens to drop one to two feet of snow on Maine over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. 

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