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Tornado damage: 'It's a miracle nobody was killed'

Peter Brown had to rush to his in-laws' camper in Bridgton - where they were trapped after a tornado struck.

BRIDGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A tornado in Bridgton ripped through a campground off of Pond Road.

Campers and cars were completely destroyed - and neighbors say it's a miracle everyone survived.

"It's just total destruction," said Peter Brown of Harrison, whose in-laws live in Bridgton.

You can barely walk through the Bridgton campground, let alone drive - after a tornado ripped through the neighborhood.

"My wife had called and said 'You need to get over to the camper. My folks are trapped inside and they can't get out,'" said Brown.

He rushed over to his in-laws' camper. "I hollered, screamed for them," he said. "Couldn't find them. Pretty nervous."

Several stressful minutes went by before he realized they were safe - rescued by their neighbors, and keeping shelter in a camper next door.

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Brown's in-laws are lucky to be alive. Wind gusts were up to 110 miles per hour.

Trees were knocked down. Their car was destroyed. But somehow - the couple was sitting in the one place not crushed by falling trees...a small corner of their living room.

Their bedroom was shattered by a falling tree. The kitchen collapsed under the weight of a second trunk. But the couple escaped with just some bumps and bruises.

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"I've never seen it," said Brown. "I'm from Maine. I've been here all my life and I've never lived through something like this. Scary. It's a miracle nobody got killed."

Brown says he doesn't know what's going to happen next or who's even going to clean up the mess. He says one thing is certain for his in laws though: they don't plan to come camping again.

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