MAINE, Maine — The National Weather Service office in Caribou has confirmed an EF1 tornado touched down in Northern Washington County, near Topsfield, Monday evening.

A tornado, with winds near 90 mph, briefly touched down in Kossuth Township between the Baskahegan Stream and Route 6 around 5:40 PM.  It was on the ground for a quarter mile and uprooted or snapped approximately 120 trees.

Thankfully there was no other damage or injuries.  This was the first confirmed tornado in Maine this year.

The last tornado in Maine was in August of 2017, in the northern part of the state.

Earlier that summer, several tornadoes hit on July 1, the most recorded in a single day in Maine.

Tornado in Northern Washington County
David Coffin
Tree damage from tornado
NWS Caribou

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