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Time to get in the snow driving frame of mind

Tonight's snow means it's time to change the tires and change the way we drive.

MAINE, Maine — The Maine Turnpike Authority and the Maine DOT are all gearing up for the start of the snow driving/plowing season with snow forecasted tonight across Maine. 

The MaineDOT posted this video to remind us how to safely drive behind a plow truck. 

And the Maine Turnpike Authority is doing some last-minute training on new equipment. 

Along with changing to winter tires, there are other things you should have in your car for the winter driving season:

  • snow shovel
  • snow brush or scraper
  • warm blanket
  • water and snacks in case you are stuck in the snow for a length of time
  • flashlight
  • kitty litter or a bag of sand for traction if you get stuck and the ground is slippery

Drive according to conditions, prepare your car, and be safe as you hit the roads this winter. 

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