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Thousands in the dark, wait ending for Mainers without power

<p>Powerful Nor'easter leaves 120K + Mainers in the dark </p><p> </p>

Samantha Ware

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Published: 12/31/2016 12:25:19 AM
Updated: 7:32 PM EST January 1, 2017


CMP: No current power outages reported, as of Sunday afternoon

Emera Maine: Power fully restored, as of Sunday afternoon

UPDATE: Outages across Maine as of 12:30 p.m. Saturday

15,619 without power

Central Maine Power (CMP) CUSTOMERS

14,981 without power


638 without power

(NEWS CENTER) -- It could take multiple days for Mainers to get power restored after a powerful nor' easter hit New England Thursday into Friday causing over 120 thousand power outages across the state of Maine.

CMP-CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST OUTAGES - Cumberland County and Kennebec County have the most customers without power. To report an outage for CMP, can call 1-800-696-1000 or report the outage here. CMP will be meeting around 8:00 a.m. Friday to discuss their strategy for restoring power to all customers.

CMP: Outage restoration predictions

Franklin, York: Late Friday evening (12/30)

Penobscot, Piscataquis: Midday Saturday (12/30)

Somerset, Knox, Waldo: Late Saturday evening (12/30)

Androscoggin, Cumberland, Kennebec, Lincoln, Sagadahoc: Late Sunday evening (1/1/17)

NEWSCENTERnow will update this story with the latest information.

CMP said an estimated 86,000 customers are without service late Friday morning as the last of the heavy snows moved out of central and northern Maine. More than 350 local line crews, contractors, and tree crews began work shortly after the last of the snow fell across the region. Gail Rice, spokesperson for Central Maine Power said, “We will get a good start on the restoration Friday, but with poor travel conditions and deep snow along the roadsides, we expect it could take several days to complete the restoration.”

The Friday crew included 93 CMP two-person line crews; 166 outside contractor crews from Maine, Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick, Connecticut, and New York; 120 tree crews; plus a support staff of safety personnel, supervisors, logistics, mechanics, customer service, and others.

“Initial reports from the field indicate travel conditions are difficult, and high winds in northern parts of our service area could cause additional outages and hinder repair progress,” said Rice. “Customers can get updates on service restoration for their homes and businesses by signing up for the free ‘Outage Alert’ service or on the company’s website at www.cmpco.com.”

CMP urges customers to report outages on its mobile-friendly website at m.cmpco.com or by calling 1.800.696.1000. Customers can also sign up for CMP’s free Outage Alerts service, which provides the latest information about power outages by text message, email, or voice message.

EMERA MAINE- CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST INFORMATION - The Bangor/Brewer area as well as near Hermon have the most customers without power. You can report an outage by calling 1-855-EMERA-11 (1-855-363-7211.) It could take a day until everyone's power is restored."Due to widespread damage & difficult travel, we will not get everyone back up today; the recovery could take multiple days in some areas," Emera Maine said.

EMERA MAINE: Outage restoration predictions

Washington County - Customers are estimated to be restored by 10:00 PM Friday EXCEPT for portions of Jonesport, Gouldsboro, Whiting, Eastport, Pleasant River Lake, Lead Mountain, and Beddington.

Lincoln Area – Customers are estimated to be restored by 10:00 PM Friday EXCEPT for portions of Milo, Bowerbank, Sebec, Enfield, and Howland.

Greater Bangor Area - Crews continue to make significant progress in Bangor, Brewer, East Corinth, Hampden, Costigan, Milford, Eddington, Clifton, and Bradly. Many of these customers will be restored by 10:00 PM Friday, though some will remain out into Saturday.

Hancock County – Customers across Hancock will continue to see steady progress into Friday evening and throughout Saturday.

"Crews are currently assessing damage to the system from high winds and heavy snow. We will continue to update Estimated Restoration Times as more information becomes available," according to Emera Maine Website.

Approximately 24,000 customers were out of power; workers have restored roughly 10,000, according to Emera Maine. "Crews have been re-deployed to address hardest–hit areas and will remain in the field making repairs until all customers are restored." It may take days for customers in rural areas to get power back, however, they can assist by plowing and sanding side roads and driveways well to allow for easier access for crews to make repairs.

Customers may report outages or ask questions by calling EMERA MAINE'S Customer Contact Center at (207) 973-2000 or 1-855-EMERA11 (1-855-363-7211). Twitter at @emerame
We are still assessing damage as our crews make repairs. More concrete restoration times will be made available around 4:00 p.m. Friday.

Safety Tips from the city of Bangor:

12/30/2016 - No Power? Tips from the Bangor Fire Department for Staying Safe and Warm
A heavy, wet snow has blanketed much of Maine, knocking down tree limbs, taking down power lines and leaving many residents without power. While coping without power the Bangor Fire Department recommends you do the following:

• If you use a generator do not bring it inside the home or an attached garage. Each year there are many reported deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by people who set up their generator inside the home. Generators should be located outside of the home.

• When using a generator it is important to not overload the generator and use heavy duty extension cords when necessary. Gasoline for the generator should also be stored outside and the generator should be shut off while refueling.

• For the safety of electrical line workers, you should not connect the generator directly to the home’s wiring or “back feed” it into an outlet.

• Do not use charcoal or propane-fueled BBQ grills to warm the home. These appliances will also produce carbon monoxide.

• If you need light, battery-powered lanterns and flashlights are safer than candles. If you do use candles for light, extinguish the candle when you leave the room. Do not leave it unattended.

• To keep warm you may use electric space heaters hooked up to the generator. In general, these space heaters need approximately 3-feet of space around them to be safe.

• If you are using a rarely used woodstove or fireplace, make sure it is in working order before use. Do not attempt to light a fire with flammable fuels, such as gasoline. Use seasoned wood whenever possible.

• In an extended power loss, you might worry about food safety. A closed refrigerator will keep food cool for up to 4 hours, while a full freezer can keep food frozen for up to 48 hours.

For more safety tips or information on keeping warm please contact your local Fire Department or the Bangor Fire Department.

After Power Is Restored:

Turn on appliances and sensitive electronic equipment one at a time to avoid overloading circuits.
If a basement or home was flooded, have an electrician check the home before contacting CMP to have services turned on.
Replenish any emergency supplies used during the storm.

The company urges customers to use caution if they see downed lines.

“Everyone should stay clear of any downed power lines or fallen trees that may be tangled in the lines,” said CMP Spokesperson Gail Rice. “All downed lines should be considered live and dangerous. Customers should leave the clean-up to our crews, who are trained and equipped to handle these situations safely.”

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