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Stormy Saturday in Maine

Rare weather images were caught on camera in northern New England Saturday.

MAINE, Maine — What a wild weather day in Maine!

It started off with Sam Torrey capturing this rare "Sun Halo" picture in Alfred, Maine before the thunderstorms rolled into York County.

Credit: Sam Torrey

The American Meteorological Society defines a halo as "any of a family of whitish rings, arcs, pillars or spots of light that appear in the sky and are explained by the reflection or refraction of light by ice crystals."

Then the thunderstorms rolled in from the west ahead of the cold front and Rob Wright snapped this incredible picture of a shelf cloud in Maine.

Credit: Rob Wright

The American Meteorological Society defines a shelf cloud as, "a low-level, horizontal, wedge-shaped arcus cloud associated with a convective storm's gust front (or occasionally a cold front)."

Peter Havens got another angle of the rare cloud as seen below:

Credit: peter havens
Credit: Peter Havens

Lastly, here is a video of the storm hitting Glenburn this afternoon. Thank you to Jen Megquier for sending this in.

Keep sending in pictures and videos when it's safe to do so and be a part of the conversation on our Facebook page.

Also, make sure to go to NEWS CENTER Maine's meteorologist Jason Nappi for live storm tracking updates as he keeps you updated during the severe weather season.

Credit: jason nappi

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